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Andrea Hatch

SuperStar Director


My Story

Joining Scentsy was the best thing that I ever did for myself and here I am 16 years later, loving what I do even more today than the first day I joined this wonderful company.

Scentsy came into my life at a time when I truly needed it! Little did I know that it was going to change my life. It was December of 2006 when I was invited to a friends home for a jewelry party. I had just lost my husband to melanoma and I was having a hard time wanting to get back into the world. I struggled wanting to leave my home but there was a certain pull that kept telling me that I needed to go, so I put my game face on as my daughter and I headed into the party. As soon as I walked in, I was met with the most amazing scent. I saw a table with an adorable ceramic pot, all lit up, with a multitude of containers sitting on the table. I was so intrigued, I had to know more. I began to smell all the scent jars and experiencing this exciting new product. I immediately found over 20 scents that I loved and from that minute, I was hooked. I had to have one! That night I bought one for myself and Christmas gifts for all my friends and family. I was so excited to have found the perfect gift and couldn’t wait to give it to all of them. Everyone loved their new warmers. They couldnt believe that there was such a thing as a candle that uses a light bulb instead of a wick. When I started receiving phone calls from those that I had given a Scentsy to asking me “Where do I get more?” my own light bulb went off in my head and I thought, they are going to get it from me. I called my Scentsy consultant and signed up thinking that I was just going to sell this to my friends and family to help my own growing addiction to the product, but that is where everything I thought went out the door. With each person I talked to about Scentsy and introduced them to this amazing product, they too fell in love and wanted to start their own adventure. My first two consultants signed up within a week, then another, then another. With each party I did, someone wanted to be a part of this too. Now, here I am, 16 years later, a SuperStar Director with an incredible team of people, an amazing group of friends and a thriving business that I would not have, had I not gone to that party and experienced for myself what Scentsy is.

When I say that Scentsy has changed my life, I can not even begin to tell you just how much. Not only did Scentsy get me back into the world, but I have been able to provide for my family all the while being able to attend every one of my kids sporting events, school activities and most importantly, be there for them when they came home from school. I could work from home, make my own hours and continue to make our life just a little bit easier with the income I was making. I have been able to meet people that I would not have been able to meet, make friends that I would not have had, travel to places around the globe I would never have dreamt I would be able to experience and be a part of something so incredible. THIS is just the beginning as my story will continue as the company grows and more and more people find out about our amazing products!

I love my team and love seeing the success of each one of my Scentsy family members. If you want to be a part of this amazing journey, let’s talk! I would love to help you experience all that Scentsy is and help you write your own story for others to read. This is just the beginning.

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